Bike Week in Kilkenny School Project 2023

From the 15th to the 19th of May, Kilkenny School Project N. S. celebrated Bike Week. Each class from Junior Infants to Sixth Class were scheduled a particular   day and time on which they could bring in their bikes.

The Junior classes coloured some helmets and bicycles while the older classes worked on designing a bike. A pack of resources was sent around to each class with a timetable for the week. Our school’s Environmental Committee helped with the organisation of the week. 

Each class was given 5 prizes to be raffled. The prizes included helmets, lights, locks, puncture repair kits, tool kits, water bottles, pumps, bells and reflectors.

A scavenger hunt was set up around the school and each class could take part in that during the week also.

We were loaned 3 balance bikes which greatly helped children who could not cycle. There was a certificate for each child at the end of the week also.

The feedback from parents and children was fantastic. Some children got new bikes as they were so encouraged to cycle and some older children who have been very reluctant to learn to cycle now want to learn.

Overall, Bike Week in KSP was very successful. It was enjoyed by all the children and there was a great sense of fun around the school.