This year 4th Class embarked on a science journey. Working in groups we came up with new and fresh ideas to improve our world. From a mindful garden and a sanitary robot, all of our ideas were unique and different.

Ze Plant Source is a little invention that includes a five-litre bottle, a little controller and tube that transports the water to your plant while you are away – allowing you to have a stress-free vacation, arriving home to heathy plants.

Wheelaid is a remarkable robot stand that helps people who are hurt, cold and living on the streets. It stores paper towels, blankets, bandages, clean water and a first aid kit. It stays in one place so people can access it anytime.

The Community Garden and Playground was designed to allow people in small towns or big estates to come together, share food grown in the garden in the café and let the little ones play and enjoy the playground.

Litter Picker Robot works like a vacuum cleaning up our streets. It has a camera and a sensor so an alarm will sound if it is taken. The sensor will beep when it is full and someone on the street can call the phone number on top and it will be emptied.

The Boat Bin is a great idea to stop water pollution and save sealife. It’s a boat that acts like a bin as it collects rubbish with long tubes. Powered by solar panels, it also includes lavender scented oil which deters fish from swimming near it. If a fish is caught an infra-red light will light up and the fish will be sent back out.

We really enjoyed this experience!

By Cara de Phily and Neasa Hutton, 4th Class.